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Best Treatment For Back Pain – 2 Quick and Easy Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain and Stiffness FAST!

We all want to improve our posture, and most of us are aware, that poor posture results in long-term lower back pain.

But too often, we get involved in one particular activity, and before we know it, we have been sitting far too long in the same poor position and as a consequence, on comes that frustrating lower back discomfort!

So I want to share my two most highly prescribed and highly effective techniques to not only improve posture but reduce back discomfort quickly.

When I treat my clients and assess their posture, I often use a really simple device which improves posture almost instantly.

It’s called a lumbar roll, and it is designed to remind people to sit correctly, with even weight distribution on your backside, rather than slumped sitting which causes too much weight to be placed on the lower back.

1️⃣ Use a lumbar roll when sitting

This is by far the simplest and most effective tool for improving posture.

Place it on the back of the chair, then be sure to place your backside all the way into the back of the chair. The lumbar roll should sit just about the belt line.

It may feel slightly uncomfortable initially, but stick with it as it will feel better and better as you go. People actually get so used to it that they can’t sit on a sear without one!

Next up, is my favorite lower back stretch combination which anyone can do. When performed regularly and diligently, it can have a huge effect on lower back stiffness and once the lower back stiffness decreases, often, so does the pain.

2️⃣ Use knee-to-chest and knee side-to-side rotations every morning and before bed.

Lay on your back, ideally on the ground. Or alternatively on a bed.

Bend the knees up to 90 degrees, with the feet remaining on the ground. Place hands on the front of the knees and gently pull the knees towards the chest.

This should cause a slight rounding of the lower back. Relax the legs back down to the ground, maintaining hands on your knees at all times.

Perform this routine 10 times in a row, then switch to the second exercise of the routine, which is the knee side-to-side rotations.

Begin in the same position as the first exercise, that is, knees bent to 90 degrees, with feet on the ground.

Drop the knees to the left, with only a slight rotation occurring in your lower back, and then drop it to the right with a similar amount of lumbar rotation. Perform each side 10 times.

Upon completion of the knee side-to-side, return to the knee-to-chest exercise. Repeat this cycle 3 times and you will be finished with a much looser back then when you started.

Poor posture and back discomfort does not have to be the norm. Even those who have suffered for years can take steps to significantly reduce their lower back pain. Quite regularly clients will come to our practice has suffered for years, only to find out a few small changes can have a big impact on their pain and improve their posture.

If there are any questions please let me know and I’m happy to assist.



All the best,

Nick Young
Concentric Rehabilitation Centre Ashfield
Physiotherapy / Exercise Physiology


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Nicholas Young

Nicholas Young is the Practice Principal of Concentric Rehabilitation Centre and Director of Concentric Health Group.

His passion is helping people understand exactly what has caused their injury so that instead of simply treating the symptoms, his focus is more about re-correcting the bio-mechanical cause of the problem and getting each patient back to the best version of themselves. In his spare time Nick is a keen surfer and golfer and enjoys spending time with friends.

If you are interested in making an appointment with Nic today then please contact the practice today.
Nicholas Young
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