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simple ways to relieve back pain

Simple Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain

simple ways to relieve back pain

In our previous post ‘Best Treatment for Back Pain’ we gave you two quick and easy ways to relieve lower back pain. We thought we’d add to that with a few more everyday ways to relieve lower back pain.

If you suffer from back pain or you have in the past, you’ll know that it disrupts your everyday life, sometimes limiting you from doing the things you love. The root cause of your back pain should be discussed with a Physiotherapist who will then guide you through a plan to reduce pain and build strength over the long term.

Here are some simple things you can try right away to help relieve lower back pain!

Simple Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain

#1 Keep moving!

simple ways to improve back pain for desk workers

As much as possible, keep moving often throughout the day. Many of us spend long periods of our day sat down, sometimes with poor posture. When we sit we put 10 times the amount of pressure through our spine than when we stand up. Over time our muscles that support our spine start to weaken. This frequently leads to lower back pain, aches and stiffness. So try to get up and moving every 30 minutes.

#2 Use a lumbar roll when sitting to support your back

This one has been mentioned previous, however, it can make a big difference to improving your back pain fast. It helps support the natural curve of the back and prevents us from slouching at the desk or whilst driving our car for example. It’s possible to make your own lumbar roll by rolling up a towel and securing with tape or string.

#3 Avoid high heels and thongs! Choose cushioned footwear.

ways to relieve back pain with correct footwearLack of cushioning in your footwear leads to the impact of your foot landing on the floor being absorbed by the lower back. This also impacts the knees and hips. Sandals, thongs and plimsoles are bad news for this reason. High heels are particularly bad for the back as they increase pressure through the spine by around 25 times. This builds up over time, weakening and stiffening the lower back. So it’s best to choose a well cushioned pair of shoes or trainers.

#4 Use ice and heat

Ice relieves lower back pain fast which can be particularly helpful at the end of a busy day if your back is achy or painful. Apply ice for 10 minutes or so every hour. A hot water bottle or heat pack is best first thing in the morning to relieve stiffness. Again 10 minutes or so should help.

#5 Avoid sleeping on your stomach

relieve back pain sleeping position. This is one of the worst positions to sleep in for your spine as it is twisted and will most likely lead to lower back pain and possible damage.

#6 Place a pillow between your knees when you sleep

Placing a pillow between your knees when you sleep will minimize twisting in the spine particularly if you sleep on your side. It can take some getting used to but will help to improve alignment and reduce tension on the lower back.

#7 Replace your mattress every 5 years

The type of mattress you sleep on will differ based on your needs. However, it’s a good idea to replace your mattress every 5 years.

#8 Book a consultation with physiotherapist

Seeing a physiotherapist will ensure you get hands-on, specialist care and advice to ease pain and aching muscles in the short and long term.

A 30-40 minute session with a good physiotherapist can result in reduced pain, address your concerns and discuss ongoing management to live a full and healthy life.


Using the above simple ways to relieve lower back pain will more than likely make a difference to pain and therefore, everyday life. Seeing a Physiotherapist to discuss your concerns will not only help identify the root cause of your problem, but also provide you with a longer term plan to gain strength and improve your quality of life.

Contact your local clinic on the number below to Book your complimentary Discovery Session and discuss how we can help you.

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