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Located in Ashfield, Concentric Rehabilitation Centre is Sydney’s first private rehabilitation centre which encompasses both musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation in one facility. You may be struggling with a recent injury and trying to ignore ongoing pain, or you could be currently relying on painkillers. If this sounds like you then our team of professionals provide specialist restorative care, physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation tailored to your condition.

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Ashfield Physiotherapy Services

Personalised Treatment
1 on 1 treatment tailored to your condition to reduce pain, improve mobility and redefine your potential.
First Class Facilities
State of the art physio centre fitted with the latest rehabilitation technology and equipment, located in Ashfield.
Experienced Team
Our team of experts are dedicated to your health. Our goal is to you see get the best possible results.

About Us

Our team is made up of experts in their relevant fields, covering musculoskeletal, neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop a unique model which not only reduces your pain but identifies the underlying factors that have caused your problems in the first place and then guides you through a complete pathway to ensure you rediscover your potential.

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Our team of specialists will provide personalised, restorative
care which ensures you return to your best possible self.
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